November 2, 2020
Model Kate Bock Pulls Her Sweatshirt Up To Reveal Bare Belly And White Thong Panties: 'Sunday Plans'

Kate Bock delighted her 734,000 Instagram followers with her most recent update on Sunday, in which wore a sexy, casual ensemble while sipping some morning coffee. In addition to the stimulating beverage, she outlined her schedule for the end of the weekend, which included cereal, a little outdoor exercise, walking her dog, and accidentally binging on a classic teen comedy.

Fans approved of both her appearance and her well-rounded Sunday and hit the "like" button almost 17,000 times in the course of the afternoon on which the post was uploaded.

Kate posed facing the camera with her left side, standing in front of a spotless, stainless steel kitchen counter. Her heather gray hoodie had a cozy fit, and she seductively pulled up the lower hem over her bare midriff, exposing lots of smooth, tanned skin. The sweatshirt was lettered with an unidentifiable word that began with a red letter "R," which a few fans inquired about in the comments section.

She hugged both arms across her toned torso and grasped an oversized coffee mug in her right hand, holding it close to her lips.

Her petite derriere was only minimally covered with a skimpy pair of underwear, which featured a thong design and spaghetti straps that rested high over her hips. She angled her backside toward the camera just enough to give an ample view of both rounded cheeks and tugged the garment low down in the front to display a glimpse of her abdominal muscles.

Kate's honey-blond hair was pulled into a messy bun at the crown of her head, with some feathery sections framing her forehead. She tipped her chin slightly and gazed off-camera with an expression of contemplative focus, showing off her delicate features in profile.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model accessorized with a pair of stud earrings paired with small hoops as well as multiple bands around the second and third fingers of her right hand.

The kitchen counter behind featured an industrial sink and a huge commercial faucet. A trio of ceramic containers filled with wooden and plastic cooking utensils were positioned in one corner, in front of which a row of cylindrical plastic containers were lined.

Kate was in perfect focus, but a blurry patch of green leaves was visible through the large window directly behind her. The highlights across her forehead and chin indicated that there was an additional light source coming from the opposite direction.