Tim Tebow Movie Coming Soon [Video]

Tim Tebow’s debut in the NFL has drawn mixed reactions from players, coaches, and commentators. But it’s that controversy that would make a “Tim Tebow Movie” so great. Was Tim Tebow sent to the NFL by God? Is he the reincarnation of John Elway? Is he the luckiest player to ever set foot on a football field?

The biographical (and completely fictional) film takes a look at Tim Tebow’s struggles both on and off the field as he tries to prove himself in the NFL.

Tebow has already written an autobiography, created an internet meme, and has occupied endless hours on ESPN. A Hollywood film is the obviously the next step to contribute to Tim Tebow hysteria.

If Tim Tebow can’t silence his haters with his (lack of) performance on the field, maybe after the movie comes out he’ll finally get the respect he deserves.

Would you see the “Tebow?”

Tim Tebow has played 7 games in the NFL and he’s won 6 of them. The Broncos are now tied in first-place in the AFC West, some critics are still skeptical about his quarterback skills but Sports Illustrated recently rated him the fifth best quarterback in the game?

What do you think of Tim Tebow?