UFC News: Everybody Wants To Fight CM Punk

Well, it looks like Jason David Frank, formerly the green Power Ranger, isn’t the only person who wants to step into the octagon with former WWE champion CM Punk. It’s been reported by F4WOnline’s Bryan Alvarez that dozens of people with varying MMA experience levels have been calling UFC matchmaker Joe Silva, begging to be CM Punk’s first fight.

“Is it possible [CM Punk] will get a fight with the Power Ranger who has called him out? Well, first off, the Power Ranger is far from the only guy who has called out CM Punk. CM Punk has been called out by virtually everybody alive, under the sun, including people who are affiliated with [F4WOnline] who have fighting experience, and are about [CM Punk’s] size.

“Tons of fighter are both publicly, and privately begging to fight CM Punk. Tons of people have been e-mailing UFC, and asking for the Punk fight. There are also people who are at various camps around this country who are hoping that CM Punk ends up at their camp because they want to put a beating on him.”


Alvarez then went on to address Punk’s comparison to current WWE champion and former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar.

“I don’t thing there’s anybody in mixed-martial-arts, maybe in years, maybe since Brock Lesnar, and maybe prior to Brock Lesnar, who have had a target on them to the degree that CM Punk has.

“Brock Lesnar was at least a giant, wild beast, who was physically imposing, and had a great amateur wrestling background. So, I don’t thing you had people who were 125 pounds calling out Brock Lesnar, but I would guarantee you that there are 125 pounders who would love to have a fight with CM Punk, even though that is obviously not going to happen.”

UFC veteran Cole Miller has been extremely supportive of the UFC signing CM Punk. Miller sent out a tweet on Saturday night saying that he has trained with CM Punk, and that Punk can beat some of the middleweights in the UFC.


It’s likely that the UFC will match Punk up against someone who is either equal or below his skill level as UFC president Dana White said that whoever they decide to match Punk up with “probably won’t even have a Wikipedia page.”

CM Punk’s first UFC fight will be huge regardless of who his opponent is, and the UFC is likely going to match him up with someone they know Punk can beat. They could very well match him up with another 0-0 fighter.

[Images via wrestlingrumors.net and MMA Junkie]