November 6, 2020
Joe Biden Slams Donald Trump's Coronavirus Response As 'Almost Criminal' In Final Pitch To Black Voters

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden spent his Sunday in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, making a final pitch to Black voters in the key state, Fox News reported.

During a fiery speech, the Democrat took aim at President Donald Trump, slamming him for mishandling the federal government's response to the coronavirus pandemic.

He described Trump's handling of the crisis as "almost criminal," noting that the pandemic has disproportionately affected the Black community.

Biden said that he would, if elected, develop a plan for "full and fair distribution of therapeutic and vaccines" and also "a plan to address the disproportionate way this virus has been hitting and devastating the Black community across America."

The Democratic nominee cast Trump as a demagogue who seeks to divide Americans by the color of their skin.

"In two days, we can put an end to a presidency that fanned the flames of hate, poured gasoline on every opportunity he had all across this nation."
Biden then went on to describe the Tuesday election as "the most important election of our lifetimes."

"We're at an inflection point, so we have to vote like we never did before," he said, proceeding to quote the late Rep. John Lewis.

"As my late friend John Lewis reminded us, freedom is not a state, freedom is an act. We have to defend it," he stated.

As Fox News noted, the Philadelphia rally was part of the Biden campaign's final push to drive Black turnout.

African American voters have long been the backbone of the Democratic coalition, so Biden and his allies are looking to reach out to the Black community in critical areas.

On Monday, the Democrat will pay a visit to Cleveland, Ohio, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. On the same day, former President Barack Obama will hit the campaign trail in Georgia.

More than 91 million votes have already been cast, so both Biden and Trump seem focused on galvanizing their respective bases in the final days.

President Donald Trump arrives at a campaign rally at Dubuque Regional Airport in Dubuque, Iowa.
Getty Images | Mario Tama

Even though early voting records have been shattered, data reportedly suggests that turnout has remained low in communities of color, especially in critical battlegrounds such as Florida, Arizona and Pennsylvania.

This has allegedly alarmed some Biden campaign officials who fear a repeat of 2016, when then-Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton lost several key states after underperforming among people of color.

Trump's campaign has been trying to make inroads with Black voters. As reported by The New York Times, the president seems to have focused on wooing Black men, who are an important voting bloc in some must-win states.

Making marginal gains among Black men would be enough to help Trump in close races. In 2016, Trump won 13 percent of the Black male vote, but his advisors believe he could win as much as 20 percent this time.