November 2, 2020
'American Idol' Alum Gabby Barrett Shows Off Growing Baby Bump In Halloween Photo With Husband Cade Foehner

Gabby Barrett is expecting her first child with husband Cade Foehner. The American Idol alums decided to dress up for a fun Halloween photo that put her baby bump front and center.

On Saturday, October 31, Gabby posted the snapshot on her Instagram. She and her husband stood outside in what appeared to be a field. The background was a little blurry, but a tree could be seen behind them and what looked like plenty of leaves on the ground. There were also glowing pumpkins around them as well. The pregnant singer looked adorable dressed up as a scarecrow. She had on a pair of dark pants and a red plaid shirt that was left unbuttoned. Gabby wore a white top that hugged her bulging belly nicely. She cradled her bump with one hand on top and the other one underneath. She also sported a wide-brimmed tan hat on her head.

Gabby had her blond locks done up in two pigtails that hung loosely over her shoulders. Her face was adorned with simple makeup to make her look like a scarecrow. She added black stitched lines from the corners of her mouth up to her cheeks. She had the same style of makeup for her nose as well. She then colored her cheekbones with some reddish blush that completed her Halloween look.

Cade went with a more simple costume and was dressed up as a farmer. He wore a white t-shirt and brown overalls with only one strap hooked over his shoulder. He also sported a tan hat like his wife's, but his resembled a cowboy hat. He had a piece of hay stuck in the corner of his mouth. His thumb was in the pocket of his overalls, and he posed with a serious look on his face.

Gabby's Instagram followers adored the couple's costumes. A few of her fans reminded her that next year they will have their little girl to add to the Halloween snapshot. Many people took to the comments section to let her know how much they loved the outfits.

"Gabby looks so cute baby bump and all! Isn't that the norm for Cade? Lol," one person wrote.

"Y'all make my heart happy," a second admirer added.

"Oh my gosh how cute y'all are!" gushed a third follower.

The country music star found out that she was pregnant in May while visiting with Cade's family, as The Inquisitr had previously reported. Their baby girl is due in January. They had indicated how excited they are to begin this chapter of their lives as brand new parents.