Diddy-Drake Fight: Is This Video The Reason Diddy Allegedly Punched Drake Three Times?

Well, it appears Drake is having a rough start to his week. First Chris Brown accused Drake of going on dates with Brown’s ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, then Brown deleted the Instagram post and apologized to Tran.

On December 8, the New York Daily News reported that Sean “P Diddy” Combs beat up Drake – allegedly for using Diddy’s music without the right to do so, or for disrespecting Cassie Ventura, Diddy’s girlfriend. The same report states that a witness of the Diddy-Drake fight told the New York Daily News that Diddy punched Drake three times.

A Twitter exchange between DJ Sam Sneak and Lil Duval leads one to believe that the source of the Cassie involvement was invented by Lil Duval, with DJ Sneak stating the media “already fell for it lol,” as a retweet of ‪@lilduval claiming, “I just made that s*&t up.”

Whatever the cause of the Diddy vs. Drake fight, all can agree that the fight began at LIV nightclub in Miami Beach, directly outside the Fountainbleau Hotel after an Art Basel Miami party.

According to witnesses, the 28-year-old Drake was stunned at the punches, and DJ Sam Sneak had plenty to say about the incident on his official Twitter page about the Diddy and Drake fight, with lots of emoticons and emojis explaining how the Diddy versus Drake fight went down.

“Diddy put hands on that boy… And he ain’t go 0-100… That boy left. zzz

Ni**a caught a 3 Pc….crying-emoji

Y’all pray for Drake. It’ll come out soon. He dislocated his Shoulder. Drake at the Hospital Smh. It definitely wasn’t bout Cassie.”

According to Page Six, it may have been the below video from back in February that was the real genesis of the Diddy-Drake fight. In the YouTube video, it’s apparent that Drake’s microphone stops working at a crucial point while he’s rhyming, so he takes Diddy’s microphone to continue his flow while dropping the non-working mic on the ground.