‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules Premiere Spoilers: Sneak Peek Shows Awkward, Lengthy Introduction

Season 19 of ABC’s The Bachelor, starring Chris Soules, premieres soon and fans are starting to get some great sneak peeks at the episodes to come. There are always some interesting limo exits and introductions, but much is being made by the network regarding one bachelorette’s approach in particular. Will her enthusiasm for Chris work for her or against her?

TV Guide shares the new Bachelor spoiler sneak peek. Chris Soules is greeting each of the bachelorettes individually as usual. Next comes Britt Nilsson, a bachelorette who seems quite enamored by Chris already.

Nilsson gives Soules a big hug and seemingly is in no rush to let go. There is even some heavy breathing from Britt in the latest preview, sound effects most certainly added in during editing for some additional buzzworthy impact.

The network even teased in its press release for the January 5 premiere that Britt “rocks Chris’ world with a memorable bear hug.” She will make an impact during the cocktail party too, it seems, as it is teased that she and Soules have an intense chemistry. Britt Nilsson is definitely being teased as a bachelorette to watch this season, and fans will be curious to see whether the supposed sparks she has with Chris last.

This first episode will have some twists and turns, ABC teases. Soules will first meet 15 bachelorettes and start to mingle during the cocktail party. Bachelor spoilers indicate that when the first impression rose is brought out, Chris Harrison steals Soules and takes him back outside. The ladies may have thought they had it easy with just 15 bachelorettes to compete against in season 19, but then 15 more ladies arrive.

Additional Bachelor spoilers from the network tease that one bachelorette that first night “is in trouble and might not make it through the night.” Will this be a gal who tries to shake off her nerves with a few too many cocktails, as has been seen more than once in the past?

In addition, there is a “shocking turn of events” where one lady pulls Chris aside “for what will be one of the most dramatic twists” in the history of the show. Some suspect this might be related to the pregnancy test teased in the season preview, though it may well be something else entirely.

Bachelor 2015 season spoilers with Chris Soules in the lead have promised plenty of entertaining twists and turns along with many romantic moments. Fans can’t wait to get started with it all and the season premiere kicks things off on Monday, January 5.

[Image via Craig Sjodin/ABC]