Tinder’s Nightmare: James Befurt’s Machine Continuously Swipes Right On Women [Video]

James Befurt is a Tinder addict, who also happens to be an engineer who has designed a machine to work in his favor while looking for a woman to date.

Before we spill the beans on his ingenious invention, let’s first enlighten those who are happily in a relationship that may not be aware of Tinder.

What is Tinder? It’s an online dating app. But not just any dating app. According to Marie Claire, it’s all the rage and the dating app that everyone is talking about. In fact Marie Claire reveals that “new research shows that there are 50 million active users on Tinder, who check their accounts 11 times per day and spend an average of 90 minutes per day on the app.”

In a nutshell, when you sign up on Tinder, the app will use your Facebook account to upload your photo. It will find potential date possibilities for you based on your GPS location. Their picture will pop up. If you are interested you swipe to the right. If not, swipe their picture to the left.

If you swipe to the right, and someone comes across your photo and finds you interesting and decides to swipe you to the right, then voila, there is a match.

Women who use Tinder will most likely take their time and closely review each picture that comes across their phone before immediately swiping one way or the other. Decisions as such are not to be taken lightly. Does he have kind eyes? Does he have a nice smile?

Men, however, evidently have a different technique for Tinder. It’s called the “Swipe to the right and don’t think twice” method. And the quicker the better. There is no time to waste.

Simply watch Ben Taylor in action on his Vine video.

Now back to our engineering expert, James Befurt. According to Business Insider, Befurt has built a battery-operated robot that repeatedly and endlessly swipes right for him, completely optimizing his odds for a female match. Evidently, any female will do for Befurt. Does this show his brilliance or his desperation?

Single men everywhere are shouting, “heck yeah!” as they try to figure out this never-ceasing, right-swiping stylus.

Unless you are like Befurt, who can write a computer program that can hook up to what Business Insider calls a “microcontroller, a small piston, and a stylus,” then you are out of luck, unless you have a quick trigger finger.

You can see Befurt’s machine in action in his Youtube video below.

Photo Credit: Joe.ie