Swastika Walgreens: Wrapping Paper Recalled After Swastika Found In Pattern

Effie Orfanides

A swastika on Walgreens wrapping paper has caused the company to recall the product. According to ABC News, a customer in a Walgreens store in Northridge, California, noticed that the pattern on a particular wrapping paper made a swastika, so she said something to a store employee.

"Cheryl Shapiro and her grandson, 5, were shopping in a Walgreen's store on Dec. 4 in Northridge, California, when she stopped to look at some rolls of gift wrap. As the former interior designer gazed at them, her eyes widened at a blue and silver roll, noticing the swastikas engraved in it design," reports ABC News.

The swastika at Walgreens received a quick response from the store, and from the company nationwide. The company has already put measures in place that will keep people from purchasing the items. Store spokesperson Phil Caruso said that the company is working on getting all of the offensive wrapping paper out of their stores across the country. This is something that was important to Shapiro, who says that she wanted to make sure this was taken care of at every Walgreens location, not just the one that she shops at.

"It blew me away. What the hell was that doing on there? I said, 'I want it out of the store, but I wanted this to go national. I want this out of the stores nationally,'" Shapiro said.

According to AOL News, Shapiro, who is Jewish, said that she first tried to call her rabbi before reaching out to the store's manager. Although she was very upset, Shapiro said that she isn't letting the mistake ruin her holiday spirit. It was important for her to notify someone, get the word out, and have the wrapping paper removed.

The swastika at Walgreens were more than likely an unintentional mishap, unlike other holiday decorations that were made on purpose. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Nazi Christmas decorations have sparked outrage after they were posted on an auction site in the Czech Republic.

"I offer Christmas decorations of SS units. The decorations are authentic and not damaged. They are made of blown glass and they are in original colours and good condition. These are very precious pieces. The offer is for collecting purposes only," the seller wrote on the listing.

The items were listed on Czech auction site Aukro, and the bidding started at approximately $92 U.S. It's unknown if there was a buyer for the items.

[Photo courtesy of ABC News video screen capture]