WWE News: Former WWE Superstar Shelton Benjamin Returning To WWE?

It appears that former WWE Superstar Shelton Benjamin might be back with the company very soon. There have been rumors for the last few years regarding his return at this time. At one point, he was supposed to be in the Royal Rumble match in 2013, then things changed up. He was also speculated for the Rumble earlier this year as well. However, there is some merit to the latest rumor regarding his return.

According to Wrestling Inc, WWE has officially applied for trademark on “Shelton Benjamin,” this was due to them potentially wanting to make up merchandise for him. That said, it would make sense to see him back with WWE soon.

Benjamin was quite successful when he was last with WWE. He is a three-time WWE Intercontinental Champion, two-time WWE Tag-Team Champion (with Charlie Haas) and a one-time WWE United States Champion. Benjamin actually held the U.S. Title for quite a while.

Shelton Benjamin has always been known as a terrific athlete. The major knock on him seemed to always be his mic work. He lacked charisma as well. As far as athletic ability and wrestling prowess, he is one of the best WWE has ever seen.

Many people are already speculating that due to his All-American credentials that WWE has used with him off and on, he may enter a program with Rusev. It would make sense for Benjamin to be the guy that ends Rusev’s undefeated streak if they plan to keep “The Gold Standard” around for a while. The win streak has to end eventually, and it is doubtful WWE would have Benjamin come back to lose in the first program they put him in.

Some believe he may not enter a program with Rusev right away as he could be who WWE reveals as the man in the Bunny suit.

A fan asked Benjamin on Twitter about why he left WWE recently, Benjamin responded in an interesting way.

“So you could watch a guy in a bunny suit instead.”

Whether or not this happens is up in the air, but it would be an interesting twist. Some would have issue with it as we have seen white arms flashing from the person in the suit. However, black arms have been seen before too. The height is another thing that seems to have changed off and on. So Benjamin being revealed as The Bunny may not be that crazy.

Regardless of what he does, the cool part is that we can potentially expect Shelton Benjamin back in WWE soon. Again, the rumor is near or at The Royal Rumble. We can assume if WWE decides he will be revealed as The Bunny, the animal will enter the Rumble match and be revealed then. Who knows, WWE could throw a wrench in all of this and have him return as himself randomly or not at all.

[IMG Credit: catchactu.fr]