FDA Will Rule On BPA Ban In March

Following a settlement with the Natural Resources Defense Council the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will rule on March 31 regarding a ban on the plastics chemical known as BPA (Bisphenol A).

The council originally called for a BPA ban in 2008 however the FDA did not take action within the allotted time allowed by law, prompting the NRDC to file a lawsuit against the agency.

In the meantime the US Government has setup a $30 million research project to study the effects of BPA. Scientists have posited that the chemical, which can mimic hormones found in our bodies can lead to obesity, neurological issues, birth defects and possibly even cancer among various other health related problems.

While the federal government continues to press for more research members at the NRDC says the time for research is long passed and the agency must give their ruling. A rep for the NRDC told the Washington Post:

“We welcome more science, but there comes a point when you have enough information to make a decision, and in this case, we think that point passed years ago.”

Regardless of new information the FDA will base their ruling off the NRDC’s 2008 petition which points to findings regarding reproductive health, childhood behavioral issues and cancer.

[Image via ShutterStock.com]