Lunar Mission One: A Chance To Reserve Your Place In Space [Video]

Lunar Mission One is scheduled to go deep below the surface of the moon in 2024. This scientific lunar exploration will include a time capsule, or digital memory box of the history of humankind on Earth, including a species database that chronicles earth’s biodiversity from rainforests to coral reefs, and memories of an entire generation. Additionally, this record of information will be stored and buried deep below the moon’s surface.

Lunar Mission One was conceived a little more than seven years ago. It has the backing of some of the most respected and renowned educational, scientific, and research institutions, including the Institute of Education, Open University, University College London, and RAL Space, to name a few

Previous scientific missions to the moon focused on sampling a few meters below the surface of the small natural satellite. However, a primary objective of Lunar Mission One is to drill below the surface of the moon close to 100 meters, in order to gain an understanding of its structure.

An additional goal for this exploratory robotic mission is to put something back into the moon’s surface upon completion of the drilling.

Everyone can be involved in Lunar Mission One by joining the Lunar Mission Club, and becoming a Kickstarter supporter. In addition, people can choose personal content they want to put in the private digital archive. For instance, music, videos, photographs, pictures, or just a simple message can be added to the 21st century lunar time capsule, which plans to be buried below the surface of the moon. People can also send their DNA to the moon in the form of a physical strand of hair, which may endure for a billion years.

The moon is the most obvious and easiest place to land and build a base if humans plan to continue exploring space. Exploration of the moon offers everyone a unique opportunity to discover the history of the solar system that is likely to have affected Earth since the creation of the universe billions of years ago. Furthermore, it allows us to expand our scientific knowledge of how the moon was created and may help us decipher noteworthy events that may have affected our planet.

Anyone from around the world can get involved in the Lunar Mission One project; the most inspirational mission to the moon since the Apollo landings.

What items do you think should be included in the lunar time capsule scheduled to be buried below the moon’s surface? What personal item would you add to the Lunar Mission One memory box?

[Photo courtesy of Wikipedia]