Tori Spelling On Raising Four Kids: ‘I Haven’t Peed Alone In Eight Years’

Tori Spelling has been working hard on a number of fronts in the last year, not least on her almost broken marriage to Dean McDermott, after it was revealed that he cheated on her, but also on bringing up her four kids, who are, no doubt, quite a handful.

Speaking to Us Weekly recently about her experience as a busy mother, Spelling shared some details on the trials and tribulations she faces on a day-to-day basis, mentioning the fact that she ended up in hospital not so long ago from the stress of it all.

“With four little ones everyone is always sick, and being mom, I never take time for myself until I get so hard that I end up in the hospital like I did. Now that was a wake up call to know that when mom is down, the ship goes down. So I have to basically make sure that I take time for myself every now and then to make sure I’m healthy so I can be there for them.”

Understandably, one of the issues Tori Spelling faces, like any mother-of-four, is the severe lack of privacy having so many kids brings to her life.

“I am never by myself. I don’t even think I’ve peed alone in the last eight years. I’m not kidding. I’m trying to learn. That’s something I’m working on. That will be my New Year’s resolution. It’s been hard, but as they get a little bit older, I’m feeling more comfortable doing it. It’s just something I need to make a priority for all of our happiness. I want to take a little time to do things with my friends.”

Being that she has kids ranging from 2 to 7-years-old in age, Spelling definitely has her work cut out for her, as on top of the responsibility of the kids, she also has had to deal with some very serious marital issues.

“On one hand it’s not easy, on the other hand it’s made me realize I’m not the only one that goes through these types of problems. There’s women everywhere that struggle with things and issues, families and marriages. I think when things happen within a marriage you kind of feel isolated and people have been very supportive within the last year.”

According to Tori Spelling, Christmas this year is going to be very much a family affair, as the six stay at home, cooking, baking, and decorating the house and Christmas tree, like one big “happy” family.