Rolling Stone Parody Poster Features Lena Dunham, Lampoons UVA Rape Story Apology, Clinton, Cosby

In the wake of the continued fallout resulting from the questionable Rolling Stone UVA fraternity gang rape story, and separate allegations that Lena Dunham’s story of being raped in her hit book, Not That Kind Of Girl, is “(collapsing) under scrutiny,” a poster parodying both Rolling Stone and Dunham is showing up all over Hollywood.

Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton are also featured on the poster, both men having been branded with varying degrees of sexual assault accusations, and the Rolling Stone themed parody poster was likely created by the right-leaning political Los Angeles street artist, SABO, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The poster depicts a Rolling Stone cover with Dunham as the center piece surrounded by teaser headlines, called “sell lines” of the stories this issue of Rolling Stone might contain if it were real. These include, “LENA DUNHAM She’s that kind of liar,” “BILL CLINTON What it cost Bubba to keep Hillary standing by her man,” “OUR UVA APOLOGY Oops we did it again,” and “HEY! HEY! HEY! Bill Cosby fights back,” HEY! HEY! HEY! being the signature phrase of Bill Cosby’s Fat Albert cartoon character. The final sell line included alludes to the creator of the Rolling Stone parody poster, SABO, saying the controversial street artist is “The Greatest Political Artist since Goya!”

A Rolling Stone themed parody poster seen plastered all over Hollywood, features Lena Dunham, Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby.

In an email to The Hollywood Reporter, SABO gives some insights into the themes behind the Lena Dunham-focused Rolling Stone parody poster, primary being the liberal politics that he feels motivates Rolling Stone, Dunham, and of course Bill Clinton.

“Remember (Dunham) accused a Republican of raping her in college, and that story is falling apart. Then you have the politics of Hollywood with her, Cosby, the Rolling Stone article that is being detracted. Last but not least, our beloved Bubba Clinton’s blast from the past and the double standard of why Rolling Stone didn’t run with his rape allegations but they ran with the UVA false story.”

While the validity of the Rolling Stone UVA rape story continues to fall further apart following their apology, so too does Lena Dunham’s.

Breitbart News conducted a thorough investigation of Lena Dunham’s story of being raped in college, making a point throughout not to discount her suffering some type of sexual assault, but also seeking the truth. In her story Lena describes her rapist as being the “campus’s resident conservative” whose name was Barry. Along with others, the Breitbart report could find virtually nothing that substantiated the majority of details in Dunham’s rape story, particularly her description of Barry.

Unfortunately, some of Dunham’s details do point to a real man named Barry, but several others make it clear that he doesn’t fit in Dunham’s rape story. Now, the real Barry is fighting to clear his name and has reportedly started a legal fund to conduct this ongoing effort.

The apparently many untruths in both the Rolling Stone UVA rape story, and Lena Dunham’s being raped by the “campus’s resident conservative,” are being called tragic because they throw potential doubt and fear of not being believed on those who really have suffered a sexual assault, while also vilifying some people who may be innocent.

In the case of SABO’s Rolling Stone parody poster, all of these themes and issues are seemingly rolled into one.

[Images via Unsavory Agents]