Michael Brown Special: Mug Shots Bar Drink Sparks Controversy

A "Michael Brown Special" is now being offered at Mug Shots, a Missouri bar. The six shots of Jose Cinge for $10 drink has sparked quite a controversy both in the town of St. Joseph and around the country.

Mug Shots bar is reportedly known for its "sarcasm is always free" mantra. One of the co-owners of the Missouri bar now regrets his most recent attempt at sarcasm and the creation of the Michael Brown Special drink.

During an interview with WDAF-TV local news, the co-owner who asked not to be identified, said, "[The Michael Brown Special drink] was not meant to cause any harm. I should have thought a little bit more about it before I made it a shot special."

A photo of the sign advertising the Mug Shots Michael Brown Special drink began appearing on online social media outlets on Saturday. A group of Ferguson shooting protesters arrived outside the Missouri bar the same evening. The individuals chanted and held signs outside the business but not altercations resulted.

Facebook user Brian Kline posted, "Just so everyone knows, there was a man who was planning to come protest tonight with a group of people, but since he contacted me and we talked about things, he is now coming to talk to reporters with me because he sees that this is a ridiculous misunderstanding that has been blown way out of proportion. Thankfully we were able to talk like adults and were able to understand both sides."

A separate Facebook post by a Mug Shots co-owner said, "I would like to ask all of our supporters, friends and bar family to refrain from arguing or giving into all the hatred on [Facebook]. We know who we are and that our family is the furthest thing from racist in anyway. Let's all just party and enjoy the holiday season."

mug shots bar
Michael Brown Special shot created at Mug Shots, a Missouri bar.

The idea for the creation of the Michael Brown Special allegedly stemmed from other bars creating a similar shot and the drink selling exceptionally well.

"That's what bar owners do if they find something that works at another bar, they try to use it at their bar," a Mug Shots co-owner added.

In the midst of the Michael Brown Special protests on Saturday evening, one of the Mug Shots co-owners directed a bit of the Missouri bars sarcasm at himself. The co-owner added another mixture to the bar specials sign, "The owner of Mug Shots is an a**h**e for serving customers six shots of Jose Cinge." The drink sold for $12 a shot, no word on how popular the alcoholic mixture was with customers.

What do you think about the Mug Shots Michael Brown Special drink?