Woman Wakes To Unknown Baby In Her Bed: How Did Mystery Infant Get There?

A woman woke up to an unknown baby in her bed. She had no idea where the infant came from or who the boy belonged to. Unsure what to do next, the confused lady called her 18-year-old son, who didn’t answer his phone. Although her son doesn’t have any children, she wanted to see if he knew anything about the baby. When she was unable to reach him, the woman then rang up authorities about finding a baby in bed beside her.

FOX 17 News reports that the incident unfolded in Battle Creek, Michigan.

The infant was taken into custody by Battle Creek Police where they waited for the arrival of Child Protective Services. Wood TV News reveals that the boy became an “instant hit at the police department with the night shift officers, and ended up being showered with matchbox cars, teddy bears and beanie babies. Officers brushed up on their tactical diaper changing and peekaboo techniques,” according to the release.

Not long after Battle Creek Police released information about the mystery baby Sunday morning, he was identified and will be released back to his mother. It turns out the woman’s 18-year-old son did know about the child. He dropped him before going out Saturday night while his mother was still asleep. She didn’t realize her son was going out and needed a babysitter for someone else’s baby.

Child Protective Services is reportedly in the process of investigating the incident.

It’s common for young parents to ask their own parents to babysit if they want to go out for the night, but it’s not common that they just drop off the child without explaining to them whom he or she is first. In this instance, the 18-year-old’s mother had no clue who the baby was and she was asleep when he was placed in her care.

In an article a bit different and not completely unheard of, the Inquisitr wrote about a mystery baby who was left in a telephone booth 49 years ago. She made news when she was on a mission to find her birth parents.

For a woman to wake up to an unknown baby beside her in bed, however, is an unusual thing to have happen. The child in this instance wasn’t abandoned by his parents so someone else would have to raise him. His mother trusted the woman to watch him when she went out.

[Image via Wood TV News]