Mary-Kate Olsen Wedding: Has She Already Married Olivier Sarkozy?

Buzz that Mary-Kate Olsen’s wedding to Olivier Sarkozy has already taken place is building yet again after new photos of the actress and her beau emerged. Olsen and Sarkozy have been engaged for a bit and there was speculation that the two quietly got married in September. Rings regularly spotted on their respective key ring fingers have many suspecting that Mary-Kate and Olivier have already exchanged their wedding vows.

The Daily Mail shares the latest photo driving the Mary-Kate Olsen wedding buzz. The 28-year-old actress was spotted in West Hollywood on Friday and she’s clearly got a thick gold band on her ring finger. The band most definitely looks very much like a wedding band, and Olivier Sarkozy was spotted with a simple gold band on his ring finger Friday as well.

Olsen and Sarkozy, 45, have been together since early 2012. The Sarkozy and Olsen wedding buzz kicked into high gear last September when the couple’s gold bands were first spotted. Mary-Kate started wearing a sparkling diamond ring last March, seemingly indicating her engagement to Olivier.

While the two may have gotten married since the rumors first started circulating last fall, fans may have to stay tuned for true wedding news. Back in September when the buzz began, GossipCop shared that they were told exclusively that there had been no Olivier Sarkozy and Mary-Kate Olsen wedding yet and that the gold bands the two were wearing were not wedding bands.

While Sarkozy and Olsen are spotted together regularly, they are not the type to share much publicly regarding their relationship. At whatever point the two get married, if it has yet to take place, it seems unlikely that they will let it become a big media spectacle.

The Full House twins have definitely moved on from their child acting days, though Ashley Olsen was recently spotted alongside Bob Saget at a benefit he led. Ashley has been dating Moneyball director Bennett Miller for a number of months now. Ashley and Mary-Kate’s younger sister Elizabeth, 25, is also engaged. She plans to marry actor Boyd Holbrook, 32. She said that there will be no double wedding, though, and she was letting Mary-Kate move forward with choosing her wedding date first.

Has Olivier Sarkozy and Mary-Kate Olsen’s wedding already taken place? For now it would seem that fans will be left hanging and speculating, as the couple doesn’t seem to feel any need to confirm their status or plans to get married.

[Image via Us Magazine]