A Driver Crashed Because The Bees He Was Carrying Stung Him – But That’s Just The Beginning Of The Nightmare

Transporting venomous bees is always wrought with risks. However, one guy thought he could somehow manage it, despite being extremely allergic to bee stings. Not only was in for the shock of his life, the bees proved to be too much of a hassle even for those who came to rescue the hapless driver.

A truck driver, who was transporting four hives in his trailer, was severely stung and rendered semi-conscious after the bees escaped their temporary enclosures and started to sting him. But what’s even more unfortunate is that these bees even turned on the unsuspecting emergency rescue workers when they responded to calls about an accident.

The driver, who was transporting the hives, ran off the road near Bendigo when he went into shock. He had been stung in the car as he started the short journey, but despite being allergic, he “thought he could make it,” shared police officers. Unfortunately for the local community and the emergency workers, when the station wagon crashed into a ditch, over 80,000 bees were released, and they were quite angry because their hives were violently torn apart. The incident happened on Lockwood Rd at Kangaroo Flat in Bendigo, Australia, reported the Herald Sun.

When emergency workers rushed to the scene of the accident, they were greeted with the angry horde, and fared no better than the unfortunate driver. The bees turned their attention onto these ill-fated personnel who weren’t quite prepared for the catastrophe.

Bendigo Senior Constable Dale Andrews, who was stung in the line of duty, said, “They were absolutely everywhere and they were angry. They stung the ambos as well,”

Despite being under attack by an angry swarm of bees, Constable Andrews managed to make an interesting observation.

“They were all attracted to the lights so they were starting to cover our police car and they were all around the victim’s car as well.”

Maintaining his composure, Sr.-Const. Andrews made the all-important call for an unusual but direly needed backup. Within minutes, two beekeepers in full protective suits rushed to the scene. Armed with smoke-spewing blowers, the beekeepers “smoked” the bees back into their hives, allowing the wreckage to be removed without the fear of another attack.

The police are still quite baffled about the apparent foolhardiness of the driver.

“The driver was stung in the car just as he left. But as it was only a short journey. He thought he could make it. Within 20 minutes his body had reacted,” said Andrews

Update: The driver, whose identity hasn’t been released, is recuperating in a local hospital, while the bees are back on honey-making duties.

[Image Credit | Bendigo Police Dept.]