Jessica Padgett: Man Kills Stepdaughter, Has Sex With Her Corpse In PA Necrophilia Case

Jessica Padgett was murdered by her stepfather, which is bad enough, but what he did to her corpse is simply unthinkable. According to People Magazine, Gregory Graf shot his stepdaughter, made sure that she was dead, and then proceeded to have sex with her dead body. Police learned of this disgusting act after they found a video of it on Graf’s home computer. Police say that Graf actually filmed himself having sex with a corpse.

“Graf was arrested five days later after police found her body buried behind a shed on the property where he lives with Padgett’s mother. Graf, 53, is being held without bail on a homicide charge. The fencing company owner confessed to killing Padgett, a recently married mother of three,” reports People Magazine.

Jessica Padgett is now gone, and her family is not only grieving her loss, but trying to cope with how she died, and the disrespect that she faced after her death. According to NewsMax, Graf will not only be charged with murder, but he also faces a charge of “abuse of a corpse.” Graf asked the court in Allen Township, Pennsylvania, for a public defender, but the judge told him that he had enough money to cover his own defense expenses.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Padgett was killed within 10 minutes of leaving work on November 21. Police have concluded that Graf made sure Jessica was dead before he sexually abused her corpse. Before that conclusion, police believed that Graf was sexually motivated, and charged him with such. After they analyzed the video that Graf uploaded to his computer, they realized that this was a case of necrophilia, and the subsequent charges reflected that.

Graf is being held without bail after confessing to murdering his stepdaughter. It’s unknown if he confessed to having sex with her dead body.

Jessica Padgett’s family released a statement following her tragic death.

“[Jessica] was a beautiful, vibrant young woman who was beloved by her family and friends. The world shines less bright today,” the statement read.

According to Sports Act, Graf is expected to appear in a Northampton court to face charges.

“Under Pennsylvania law, a murder in perpetration of a felony is an aggravating factor that allows prosecutors to pursue capital charges. Rape rises to that level, but the sexual desecration of a corpse does not, as case law has established,” said Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli.

[Photo courtesy of Sports Act]