Kate Middleton, Prince William Preparing Prince George For Royal Baby

As Kate Middleton a.k.a the Duchess of Cambridge and her husband, Prince William begin their first ever visit to New York City, there is news that the couple is already preparing their firstborn, Prince George, for the impending arrival of a second royal baby.

Yes, the young Prince will not be the center of attention any longer and will be forced to share the spotlight when his little brother or sister arrive in April. Rumor is that Kate and William already know the sex of their baby and it’s a girl, though no official word can be expected from the palace or the proud parents.

As any parents will attest, informing a firstborn of the fact that another baby is on its way is no easy task, especially with one this young. More likely, Prince George won’t grasp the magnitude of his new sibling until it has finally arrived and he will be in for a rude awakening, as is usually the case.

We know a little about the future King’s personality, as Kate Middleton and Prince William have described him as “quite vocal” in the past. But that is very normal in a happy, healthy infant, as George seems to be.

Prince George of Cambridge
Prince George of Cambridge (Image via Twitter)

Now that her acute morning sickness has improved enough for her to take on her royal duties, Kate Middleton is spending her private time getting ready for her new baby and hanging out with friends. She is also enlisting the help of Prince William to get the nursery ready, again, according to a report in Us Weekly.

The hands-on couple plan to make a communal playroom at the family’s Anmer Hall residence in Norfolk, England. However, a source that is familiar with the royals says that Prince George will be able to enjoy his own bedroom.

“I’m not sure George understands that Kate is pregnant. But they are talking to him about having a new brother or sister. They’re making sure he’s prepared the best they can.”

A family friend also revealed that Kate Middleton is feeling “really pregnant,” as previously reported by the Inquistr, but it doesn’t really show as we caught a glimpse of that baby bump when the couple arrived in the Big Apple, sans Prince George, who stayed home.

As William and Kate enjoy a few days away from England visiting NYC and Washington, D.C. Prince George, who is now 16-months is at home, we assume in the capable hands of his Spanish nanny and maybe Kate Middleton’s mom, who has been instrumental in getting her through the first few months of her pregnancy.

[Image via Twitter]