Sexy Russian Spy Ordered To Seduce Edward Snowden


Former intelligence agent Anna Chapman was ordered by Russian spy chiefs at the Kremlin to seduce defector Edward Snowden, as reported by the Daily Mail. The plan, according to ex-KGB agent Boris Karpichkov, was for Chapman, 32, to light a spark with Snowden, 32, in an effort to detain the United States "whistleblower" in order for the Russians to have more time to question him and learn American secrets.

Edward Snowden, who is viewed as a traitor, is wanted in the United States after leaking classified details regarding U.S. government surveillance programs.

News Max reports that Snowden, as a contractor, obtained documents for the National Security Agency and proceeded to leak the information. His actions began a chain reaction of events stemming from the question of "how much data the government can collect on its own citizens."

While the scheme behind Chapman seducing Snowden seems like a tale out of Hollywood, Karpichkov claims the information to be accurate. Karpichkov says Chapman and Snowden actually only met once. However, a tweet Chapman posted on July 2013 started rumors flying all over the world.

Chapman's tweet read, "Snowden, will you marry me?!"


The New York Post reveals that according to Karpichkov, this was all part of the plan contrived by spy Vladimir Skorik.

Former British Parliament member Rupert Allason, who is also known as an espionage novelist under the name Nigel West, states that "Anna is sophisticated enough to live with an American There aren't many of those in the FSB (formerly the KGB). She would be ­prepared to use her obvious gifts," as reported by News Max.

Karpichkov, who spent 15 years as a KGB agent, still has contacts and sources in Moscow even after fleeing to Britain. Those sources revealed to him that after the very public proposal from Chapman on Twitter, Snowden became leery about the consequences of being involved with Chapman, as he told the Mirror.

"If Snowden had ­accepted he would have a right to Russian citizenship. That would lock him in Russia. As a citizen he'd need permission to leave."

Anna Chapman is very good at what she does, and it's no surprise because it's true what they say about the apple not falling far from the tree. Chapman is the daughter of a senior KBG agent. She worked undercover as a real estate agent in New York city in a sleeper cell for the Russia's external intelligence agency.

It seemed to be working well for her, until her cover was blown and she, along with nine other spies, were arrested in 2010. She pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy, and Chapman and the other spies were then deported back to Russia in a prisoner swap, as per the Daily Mail.

Upon returning to Russia, Chapman became quite the celebrity, as she became the face of a Moscow bank, a model, a TV presenter, and owner of a fashion brand, as reported by Yahoo! News. Chapman also joined the leadership of the youth wing of the main pro-Kremlin party.

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Just two months after the odd proposal Chapman made to Snowden on Twitter, Chapman was asked about it during a brief interview in September 2013. She not only refused to answer the question, but walked out of the interview and has yet to discuss it publicly.

During that time, Snowden had a long-time girlfriend, Lindsay Mills, a pole dancer, whom he left behind in Hawaii when fleeing the U.S. When the United States revoked his passport, Snowden was granted asylum in Moscow in August 2013, where he now has a three-year residency permit, as revealed by< the em>Daily Mail.

Snowden was last spotted over the summer with Lindsay Mills at a theater in Moscow.

There are those who support Edward Snowden saying he is a hero for his efforts in supporting civil liberties, as per the Daily Mail.

[Photo Credit: New York Post, Daily Mail]