Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Diet Revealed

Katy Perry always looks amazing, but the pop star wants to make sure that her body is better than ever when she steps on the stage for the 2015 Super Bowl halftime show.

Like many celebrities, the “Dark Horse” singer is prepping for her big upcoming gig by going on a special diet. However, her diet isn’t a wacky celebrity fad that involves subsisting on lemon juice and apple cider vinegar or eating nothing but purple foods. According to the Telegraph, Katy Perry is using the 5-Factor Diet to stay healthy and fit while she prepares for the February 1 halftime show.

The 5-Factor Diet is the creation of celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, and its aim is to provide proper nutrition while keeping hunger pangs at bay. A source close to Katy Perry listed a few of the foods that the “Roar” singer’s meal plan includes, and it’s doesn’t sound like Perry is depriving herself at all.

“Katy loves her food, and the plan allows her to eat loads. She’ll start the day with a ham and egg-white omelette, followed by salmon and dill on crackers. For lunch it’s salad, then a soup, then vegetable curry for dinner.”

It’s no secret that the pop tart has a major sweet tooth — she literally wears her love for sugar on her chest by covering her breasts with giant Hershey’s kisses and cupcakes. Luckily for Katy, the 5-Factor Diet doesn’t require her to completely give up sugar or sweets.

“She’s allowed a sweet treat if she fancies, and usually has a small ice cream or some chocolate raisins.”

According to WebMD, the 5-Factor Diet is actually meant to be a lifestyle, not a fad diet that you temporarily go on to lose weight fast. Each small meal should consist of just five core ingredients, and it should also include all of these must-have food groups: lean protein like fish or fat-free dairy, complex carbs like beans or quinoa, fiber-rich foods like whole-grain cereal or fruits and veggies with edible skin, healthy fat from foods like salmon or olive oil, and a sugar-free drink like tea or water. The diet includes a “cheat day” that allows you to eat whatever you want.

Exercise is also an important part of the 5-Factor Diet — you’re supposed to work out for at least 25 minutes five days a week. Katy Perry is supplementing her diet with workouts that include a mix of circuit and resistance training.

Katy Perry might be working hard to get in shape for the Super Bowl, but she’s not too busy to spend Sunday relaxing and watching a little football.

Are you looking forward to Katy Perry’s halftime performance during this year’s Super Bowl? And will you consider trying the 5-Factor Diet if you overdo it with the pizza and hot wings?

[Image credit: Capitol Records/Vevo]