November 3, 2020
'General Hospital' Weekly Spoilers: Franco Has A Plan, Ryan Meets With Sonny, & Alex Causes Chaos

General Hospital spoilers hint that major developments are set to play out this week, and fans will not want to miss a minute of the drama ahead. A new sneak peek for the next few shows was shared on Tuesday morning via Twitter, and all signs point toward shockers on the horizon.

Franco Baldwin learned that his tumor is back, and General Hospital teasers reveal that he will waste no time in considering contingency plans. He pressured Terry not to tell Elizabeth about this, and the preview for the November 3 show indicates that he'll reach out to Jason. He will apparently have a stunning request for him.

These two men have never been on good terms. However, it looks like Franco may believe that he can rely on Jason to help him with a very difficult request, which is to kill him. This conversation takes place at the Floating Rib, and it would seem that Franco must fill Jason in on the tumor's return.

Franco probably doesn't want Jason to follow through on this right away. It may be that he wants Jason to keep an eye on his behavior in the weeks ahead and to step in if needed to protect others.

The General Hospital sneak peek also revealed that Sonny would head to Pentonville to meet with Ryan. Is Ryan about to reveal the truth about Julian's involvement in covering up the baby swap?

Ryan may just play coy and tease Sonny that he's got valuable information that the mobster would want to have. Ryan's probably not done with Ava yet, and this is the only card he holds that may bring her back to him.

Certainly, if Sonny does learn the truth, Julian is toast. Spoilers have suggested that Julian is about to face some life-threatening challenges soon. Unfortunately for him, Sonny could end up being just one of several threats he soon has to navigate.

Portia will be calling out Jordan soon, bluntly accusing the police commissioner of being a dirty cop. Is Jordan on the verge of being exposed for helping Cyrus and faking Taggert's death?

The preview for this week's episodes of General Hospital also reveals that there will be an intense confrontation coming at Anna's house. Alex showed up and knocked her sister out and seemingly will take her place for however long she can fool people. The sneak peek shows that this will soon get ugly, and both Maxie and Finn will be right in the center of the chaos.

In fact, it appears that there will be a confrontation soon involving Alex -- and possibly Anna -- and a gunshot may ring out.

According to SheKnows Soaps, there is also drama with Lulu on the way, and Valentin will be in the midst of some chaos as well. Chase's family will face some ongoing tensions and there are also developments ahead tied to Ava, Alexis, and Robert.

General Hospital spoilers hint that some people in Port Charles will ultimately perish before the month is over, and this week should give everybody a sense of how crazy things are about to get.