Emerald White, Pit Bull Owner Whose Dogs Attacked And Killed Family Pet, Will Not Sue Victims

Emerald White, the pit bull owner whose dogs trespassed on a neighbor's property and killed the victims' family pet, has decided to drop her lawsuit, Claims Journal reports.

She had been seeking up to $1 million in damages after she entered her neighbor's property to stop her dogs, which had gotten loose and into the neighbor's yard, where they found and mauled the family's beagle.

White was injured in the attempt, and felt the owners of the dead dog should be responsible.

"The Bakers then sought legal sanctions against White, saying her lawsuit was frivolous and noting her pit bulls were declared dangerous and vicious under a Texas City ordinance," CJ adds. "Such a designation requires the posting of signs, fences and liability coverage."

The Bakers' request for sanctions was dropped as part of court documents recently made public.

The Inquisitr first brought you this story on November 15. In that previous report, Emerald White claimed "she was 'seriously injured' after she was 'unexpectedly and viciously attacked' when she entered the Baker's backyard to retrieve her dogs, which had entered through a hole in the mutual fence separating the two properties."

The court documents added that White suffered "multiple serious bite and scratch-type injuries requiring ongoing medical treatment" while alleging that she felt "conscious pain and suffering and now suffers also from fear anxiety and trepidation" as a result of the "unprovoked attack."

She also alleged that the Bakers "failed to confine and restrict Bailey in a secure enclosure."

Baker described his dog Bailey as a "loyal companion" to the family, and had been around his two daughters since they were newborns. Baker said that "not long before the incident," he had been working to replace the fence in order to improve the safety and security of his family.

Many Yahoo! commenters were outraged that White would even consider such a suit.

"That neighbor woman is a dispicable piece of garbage," wrote one commenter.

"Mr. Barker, countersue the woman and ask for punitive damages. Her lawsuit has no merit and is based in malice and greed. She claims that you did not take adequate precautions to confine Bailey. Clearly you did take adequate precautions because your geriatric docile small dog did, in fact, remain within your fenced in yard."

There were thousands of other comments echoing similar sentiments at the time of this post.

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