George W. Bush Keeps Saying Jeb Bush Would Beat Hillary Clinton In 2016

Every few weeks, George W. Bush comes out for an interview, and almost every time there’s at least three questions he’s asked: “Who do you think will run for president in 2016?,” “Have you talked to Jeb Bush about it?,” and “Do you think he could beat Hillary?”

Bush’s response to this question hasn’t wavered much, despite the fact that he’s probably been asked it hundreds of times over the past few years. After all, George W. probably knows better than most that it is much to early to make any real calls about who will end up dueling it out for presidency in 2016.

But whether it’s by Bush’s own volition or the prompting of eager journalists, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush are names that continue to come up whenever George is questioned about the 2016 campaign. He specifically says that he thinks Jeb would be able to beat Hillary in the 2016 election.

Contrasted against what George W. was saying about the elections last year, he does seem like he has taken more time to think about the possibilities now, reflecting a bit more on the psychology of why Jeb might choose not to run against Clinton.

“Jeb doesn’t [fear failure]. Nor does he fear success, by the way. One reason why is because he was an able governor of Florida… The final consideration, of course, is… the family. And he has — he’s seen what it’s like to be the son of a president. He’s seen what it’s like to be a brother of the president… He’s not rushing into running for the presidency. I have no clue where his head is now.”

These comments are very similar to others made by Bush in another interview from more than a year ago with ABC News, when he was also asked about Hillary and Jeb. The only difference in George W.’s view now seems to be a bit less determination that Jeb will indeed run.

“He would be great. He’d be a marvelous candidate if he chooses to do so. He doesn’t need my counsel, because he already knows what it is — which is, ‘RUN!'”

Bush was also not shy about the idea of Jeb and Hillary running opposite one another, even well over a year ago. At that time, he said that now — after the midterm — would be the moment to watch which candidates begin to legitimately emerge.

“[Jeb and Hillary] would be a fantastic photo. I’m fasciated by all the gossip that goes on but the field won’t become clear until after the midterms.”

Do you think George W. Bush’s prediction is correct? Would Jeb Bush beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election?

[Image via Flickr]