Be A Kid Again: Watch As These Adults Relive Childhood By Jumping On Beds Throughout NYC [Video]

Construction workers, grandmas, grandpas, businesswomen, military servicemen, and even dogs all experienced what it was like to “be a kid again” when they jumped on beds located throughout New York City.

The video, created by Chai Lifeline and its affiliates whose mission is to restore the light of childhood to children whose innocence ended when life-threatening or lifelong illness was diagnosed, shows the joy that comes with that moment of feeling like a kid again. In the video, you see the group setting up beds throughout New York City that say “#BeAKidAgain Jump On Me.” At the start of the video, people seem skeptical. However, it doesn’t take long for some people to jump and test out the bed.

You see people from all walks of life taking part, but one thing is the same: Regardless of who is jumping, a look of joy and a huge smile can be found on everyone jumping on the bed. The video shows just one simple joy of childhood that sadly may be stripped from a young person after they are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Chai Lifeline looks to find ways to bring joy to the lives of their young patients and their families through creative, innovative, and effective family-centered programs, activities, and services. However, on November 11, when this video was filmed, Chai Lifeline was just looking to bring a little joy and happiness to New York City, one jump on the bed at a time.

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