Disney’s Gaston Is Yelled At By A Little Girl, A Hilarious Show Down Ensues [Video]

There’s one adorable little girl who recently paraded around Disney with a huge grudge against Gaston. This is totally acceptable when you consider how Gaston, the character from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, waltzes around town, singing about how his good looks and brawn were impossible for Belle to reject.

Although he paraded around in Beauty and the Beast, this version of Gaston, located at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, had no protection against one little girl named Isabella who wanted to give him a talking to.

Just in case Gaston wasn’t aware, Isabella wanted him to know that the Beast would take him down in a fight. To add insult to injury, the little girl also told him that the Beast is marrying Belle, his one true love. One of the best parts about this video aside from the little girl’s passionate take down of Gaston, is the actor who plays him to a T. Instead of flubbing around scripted lines, this guy completely pulls Isabella into the world of Beauty and the Beast and riffs off of her smack talking for a solid three, almost four minutes.

Like a real trooper, in the end, Gaston admits that Isabella made him feel “disgraced” and “defeated,” which only made her revel in her win.

Watch the priceless interaction below.

[Image via Disney]