Amazon Rewarding Customers For Walking Out Of Stores On Dec. 10

Amazon is prepared to steal customers from brick and mortar stores this holiday shopping season and to reach that goal they have launched a special Dec. 10 promotion in which they will literally pay customers up to $15 for leaving stores they are shopping in.

The program is simple, just download the Amazon Price Check app for your iPhone or Android device and then scan three items in any store of your choosing. Leave the store with the geo-location feature enabled on your Smartphone and you’ll receive your discount.

Amazon will provide customers with 5% off up to a maximum of $5 per item.

While the small 5% discount may not be enough to get users interested on it’s own, when taking into account the fact that Amazon items are typically cheaper then brick and mortar products the savings can quickly become significant.

After leaving the store customers will receive their discount via email within 24 hours.

Amazon hopes customers will see their program as a way to window shop, see items they want in person and then turn to the online market to purchase those gifts.

Will you be taking advantage of the Amazon promotion while it lasts? For Amazon Prime customers who receive free two-day shipping this may be a deal that’s hard to pass up.