Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Split Imminent?

Everything might not be as rosy as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West want the public to believe.

Celebrity gossip website Radar Online claims that the famous couple are headed for divorce. According to a source close to the couple, Kimye reached a breaking point when Kanye West skipped the Kardashian family Thanksgiving dinner at Khloe Kardashian’s house. Reportedly, the couple had been fighting about business deals and West’s controlling nature, but the insult and abandonment were just too much for Kim Kardashian to take.

Reportedly, West and Kardashian had an agreement that after they married, they would take a break from business, but neither has kept up their end of the bargain. You might expect Kanye to be angry that the couple’s relationship is reportedly based more on business than romance, but sources say it’s Kim Kardashian who feels betrayed.

Kim didn’t mention Kanye at all during her Thanksgiving day posts, and West reportedly won’t appear in the famed Kardashian family Christmas card this year. In fact, there won’t be a Kardashian Christmas card at all, and some sources say it’s because Kanye West isn’t interested and doesn’t want North West involved either. According to sources who know the couple, Kanye would rather start a new tradition: a Christmas card featuring him, Kim, and North.

Don’t think that Kim’s public support of Kanye means she’s taking his alleged behavior in stride. Radar Online also reports that Kim Kardashian consulted a divorce attorney in Los Angeles in early November.

Kim Kardashian’s rep has denied that she ever consulted a divorce attorney, but that hasn’t stopped speculation that the couple’s recent three-week separation was about more than conflicting business obligations.

Even when the couple are together, rumors of an impending breakup follow them. Hollywood Life caught the couple walking hand-in-hand in New York City on December 6. It was the first time the couple had been photographed together since November 12. Some outlets have been quick to point out that neither Kardashian nor West are smiling in the photographs, suggesting that they can’t keep up the charade of happiness even for a moment, but it’s equally possible that the couple is annoyed by the barrage of photographers following them.

Kanye is reportedly fuming about all of the divorce rumors.

A close source told Hollywood Life, “Kanye isn’t going anywhere. He’s a family man and the chatter about he and Kim having problems in nonsense. He hates hearing it, talking about it and even seeing it in print because it isn’t true. It makes him angry to see that sh*t people [are] writing about him.”