Nicki Minaj Does Flawless Impressions Of Kim Kardashian And Beyonce On 'SNL'

Nicki Minaj can not only sing, rap, and act, but she can also do some spot-on impressions as was evident in last night's Saturday Night Live. Although she was the musical guest, while James Franco hosted, she basically stole the show according to The Daily Mail, when she contributed her comedic style in three comedy skits. Minaj stopped by the "Weekend Update" desk dressed as Kim Kardashian to clear up false rumors and poke fun at the reality star's recent naked Paper Magazine cover. Minaj as Kardashian joked that the photos were taken completely out of context and she was really stripped down for other reasons, such as a medical exam as reported by The Grio.

Nicki joked that the pictures had the backgrounds removed and that she was, in fact, being examined by a doctor rather than posing for cameras. She said: "See! It was actually a public service announcement about getting regular check-ups from your gynecologist."


The infamous butt-balancing-a-champagne-glass photo was supposed to be a "part of a math competition for high school seniors." When she showed the butt photo, she asked, "Notice how my rear end is all oily?"

"I did notice that as well, yes," host Colin Jost said.

With a new oceanic background, she explained, "See, it's a warning about the new Keystone Pipeline."

Finally, focusing on the full-frontal nude photo, Minaj explained, in her Kim persona, how it was going to be a holiday card.

"It was going to be my Hanukkah card for my Jewish friends," she said bating her eyes as the image was shown again as a menorah of nude Kim's.


"L'Chaim!" she said, the cheerful Hebrew phrase "to life" while smiling and waving, "Bye."

She then appeared in an MTV inspired Christmas nativity-themed sketch called "Jingle Ballerz Special," where she impersonated Beyonce who played the Virgin Mary. Famous singers including Rihanna, Eminem and Rick Ross performed scenes from the nativity for a holiday special spoof. Minaj entered the scene with Justin Bieber (Kate McKinnon) in a fur coat that showed off her virtuous cleavage.

Minaj SNL
Nicki Minaj As Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian In 'Paper' On SNL: Watch Minaj Sing 'Drunk In Love'

She came in saying, "No, no, no. This moment is not about me. Let everybody have their moment," a reference to Beyonce's response to Kanye West's interruption of Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. Back in 2009, Beyonce accepted her VMA award and said, "I'd like for Taylor to come out and have her moment." Minaj joked, "This moment is about my baby boy. Behold, he woke up like this! Flawless."

She also was in a skit playing herself, where she wore another skimpy outfit of bra and a skirt and was part of a young man's dreams where he was fixated on her "Anaconda" video, teasingly turning her behind to the camera as she said: 'Don't get mad at me, I don't know why the boy watched the music video so many times.'

During the show, Minaj also performed her own songs including "Bed of Lies," "Only" and "All Things Go" which the latter song chronicles her experience of having an abortion as reported in The Inquisitr. Her new album The Pinkprint which will be released on December 15.