Jessica Simpson's Trainer Talks Weight Loss And Low Carb Diet Tips: Lose One Pound A Week Over Holidays! [Video]

While the holidays aren't traditionally viewed as the ideal season for weight loss, diet experts say that it's doable to be nice rather than naughty when it comes to your food choices. Celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, best known as the secret weight loss weapon of Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian, told Us Weekly that even special parties can become an opportunity for shedding pounds when you use his tricks.

And the first tip is to eat. But Pasternak is referring to a pre-party snack that's on your low carb diet, such as a hard-boiled egg. Or try Jessica's favorite baked egg recipe below.

"Never go to a seasonal event with an empty stomach," cautions Harley.

Then when you've gotten your party platter to fill with goodies, make friends with the vegetables. Pile your platter high with raw broccoli, zucchini slices, and cute little carrots. After that, emphasize high protein, low-carb diet food by heading straight to the protein section, advises Pasternak.

"Then load up on a lean protein like roasted turkey, ham, or a lean cut of brisket. The idea is that you fill up on that stuff so you don't go overboard with the potatoes and breads."
Seeking a day-after-you-ate-too-much solution? Harley recommends making a high protein, low-carb smoothie for breakfast as described below.
"Become good friends with your blender. Smoothies are filling and quick to make and clean up," said Pasternak. "You can't undo what you did last night, but you can press reset and eat as clean as possible the next day."
Seeking a recipe to fill you up, not out, for that smoothie? As the Inquisitr reported, Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Mark Hyman recently unveiled their new three-day Fat Flush weight loss plan, which includes a recipe for a breakfast smoothie.

The high protein, low carb Fat Flush emphasizes the use of omega-3 fatty acids, such as nuts and pumpkin seeds, lean protein such as white chicken, and fiber such as non-starchy vegetables.

But if you prefer to achieve a steady pound-a-week weight loss, the key is to make small changes all week long, says Andrea Pennington, M.D., in the Huffington Post.

She agrees, however, with the views of Pasternak, Oz, and Hyman, when it comes to high carb foods such as bread, pasta, and cereal.

"For weight loss purposes, you may want to limit your grain consumption. Grains are not well tolerated by many Americans. Grains found in breads, cereals and some pasta can lead to bloating and inflammation that hinder your weight loss efforts. As long as you are eating healthy proteins and plenty of fruits and vegetables, you'll get all of the nutrients you need to be healthy. So, unless you've been told to increase your fiber intake to help absorb unwanted fat in your diet to help lower cholesterol, you may want to forgo the grainy foods. You get healthy fiber from fresh fruits and veggies anyway."
What should you eat? Pennington suggests hooking fish, which is a healthy choice high in various nutrients.
"Fish, available in many varieties, can be prepared quickly and provides you with omega-3 fatty acids, which are critical to proper nerve cell function and healthy skin. This will also help you lower your cholesterol."
In addition, she recommends emphasizing fruits and vegetables. Love to nibble? Try DIY popcorn to cut down on the salt and butter that most packaged varieties have.
"Extra salt will make you retain water and look and feel bloated. You can avoid empty calories that are found in most snack foods and shave inches from your waistline by munching on popcorn since it is rich in fiber and selenium, essential elements for weight success."
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