Lea Michele, Ashton Kutcher Step Out on Red Carpet For ‘New Year’s Eve’

Ashton Kutcher has made his first major post-Demi appearance, hitting the red carpet for the release of his new film New Year’s Eve.

Kutcher stars in the ensemble rom-com with Glee star Lea Michele- the two are featured in a storyline about neighbors who get stuck in an elevator, one of several vignettes that make up the film. Michele and Kutcher appeared friendly on the red carpet, sparking a bunch of headlines and gossip column speculation. Michele spoke about the pair’s chemistry on screen while filming the new release:

“I got to be stuck in an elevator with him for two weeks, which was awesome, he’s hilarious. But he’s also really smart and would talk about everything going on in the world, and I had absolutely no idea about half the stuff he was talking about… So I would go home and Google everything, and try to brush up on everything that was going on in the world, to come in the next day and try to have a conversation. But he was great, he made me feel really comfortable.”

Michele says that not knowing Kutcher beforehand was helpful, as the two played strangers who met on screen:

“I think it was really good that Ashton and I didn’t know each other in this movie because we’re supposed to be strangers, meeting in an elevator… I think if we were playing two people who had known each other their whole lives we would have worked hard to create a certain rapport with each other, but not knowing each other really helped with this film.”

Like Kutcher, Michele also recently ended a relationship, splitting from boyfriend Theo Stockman in September after a year of dating.