Desperate Mother Denied Food Stamps, Shoots Children And Kills Herself

Rachelle Grimmer, 38, a single mother of two who recently moved to Texas took hostages at a Texas welfare office on Tuesday in a desperate attempt to receive food stamps.

According to reports Rachelle moved to the state from Ohio and she did not obtain the proper paperwork to obtain aid which likely led to her outburst.

While meeting at the Laredo, Texas welfare office Grimmer pulled a gun on a caseworker. After nearly seven hours of negotiations Rachelle allowed everyone to leave the office but kept her children at her side. Shortly after that time she shot both children before committing suicide with a single gunshot.

Grimmers 12-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son are listed in “very critical” condition. The children were rushed to the hospital after a Swat team stormed onto the scene after hearing three gun shot rounds.

According to KABB-TV Ramie Marie said Grimmer reached out for help on Facebook while inside the office, noting “Tear gas seriasly.” She also changed her work status at the time to “May die 2day.”

It’s believed that Grimmer’s move to the state along with a complicated 18-page file that must be filled out to receive food stamps may have led to her actions. In the state of text employment, rent and other proofs of unemployment must be filled out and submitted.

According to local officials while offices in the state have been overburdened in recent years the Laredo office had made “significant strides” over the last three years to help ensure those in need received help in a time manner.