'7th Heaven' Reruns Resumed, But You Won't See Stephen Collins Anytime Soon

Niki Cruz

7th Heaven has been in reruns for years, but that all changed when its patriarch, Stephen Collins, was recorded admitting to molesting several underage girls. On 7th Heaven, Collins played Reverend Eric Camden who often preached many lessons to his children and during his services.

When the news came out, the show was immediately pulled from their usual schedule, and most people agreed that this was the right thing to do.

However, according to E! as soon as the headlines started to quiet down about Stephen Collins' shocking predilection, reruns of the show returned to UP TV. Episodes aired on November 10, and apparently viewers of UP TV weren't having it.

Viewers took to social media to complain about the return of 7th Heaven reruns, and now the network is having a change of heart. In a statement to E!, Up TV said, "We have received a mixed to negative response regarding the show on Facebook and in viewer emails. Clearly, a show that has been a fan favorite series for us has been severely impacted."

Due to the response over the 7th Heaven reruns, the show will be pulled off the air for the second time since the controversial Stephen Collins news. Still, the network tried explain why they decided to bring it back on the air in the first place.

"We brought the show back because many viewers expressed they could separate allegations against one actor from the fictional series itself, as it turns out they cannot. We will be taking the show back off the air."

As of right now, it's not known whether the 7th Heaven episodes will be pulled off the air for good. UP TV CEO Charley Humbard explained.

"Too early to say. We are getting a lot of fan mail. It was a very popular show, but the longer this goes, the trend [from fans] has really trended towards, 'We understand this is a mess, but are you going to bringing our show back?"

When the news of the reruns returning made its way, fans on Twitter reacted in different ways.

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