November 5, 2020
Madi Teeuws Rocks Bold Blue Bikini With A Yellow Flower Blossom In Her Hair

Madi Teeuws caused a stir among her 560,000 Instagram followers with a new pair of bikini pictures Thursday. The 22-year-old model looked radiant as she posed outdoors, and people did not hesitate to shower her with praise in response.

She noted her bikini set was from the Australian brand Bond-Eye and chose the retailer's "Mr. Blue Sky" color.

The top had braided straps with tassels at the end that crossed over Madi's bare midriff and were tied on the side.

Her matching bottom had the same braided straps across the hips and tassels at the ends.

The former Deal or No Deal briefcase model leaned against a rock wall, balancing herself along one arm. In the first snapshot, her opposite hand rested along her hip line and, for the second photo, she placed that hand behind her head.

The Texas native wore a yellow flower blossom in her hair and added a delicate necklace as an accessory.

Madi's blond hair was styled with a side part and the tresses tumbled over one shoulder.

She stood in the shade for these photos, but a clear blue sky could be seen above. A set of stone steps were behind her, leading to a lush bank of bright pink flowers and palm trees.

Madi's position accentuated her curvy hips and taut tummy. Her long, lean legs were crossed as she stood and gazed directly at the camera with a sensual expression on her face.

"You look absolutely fantastic in blue," one fan commented.

"You are so beautiful and stunning," another raved.

In her caption, Madi noted her birthday was coming soon. She asked her followers for suggestions regarding where she could spend the big day and quite a few people offered up ideas. Overall, however, it seemed most comments were focused on her killer physique.

More than 8,600 likes and 130 comments poured in during the first hour after Madi shared the two snaps. Quite a few fire emoji were sprinkled throughout the comments section, as people raved about the skimpy two-piece bathing suit and how well it suited Madi's slender figure.

"Stunning Beauty. Only God could make an angel so gorgeous," a follower declared.

"Absolutely flawless," a fourth fan determined.

It is not unusual to see Madi showcase her killer curves via a bikini snapshot. A few days ago, she posted six pictures that featured her wearing an animal-print two-piece ensemble. Ultimately, that series received more than 33,000 likes.

Can Madi's new pair of shots generate even more heat with her followers?