Johnny Depp Sings About Jesus, Will Suffer Eternal Damnation In the Flames Of Hell

When he’s not busy making multi-million dollar blockbuster movies Johnny Depp can be heard on tour with his indie band “Babybird” and soon he’ll be coming to a hell near you, at least that’s what the Christian Coalition says.

In one of the bands songs Depp and his members sing about Jesus drinking and then getting knocked out on the floor, lyrics that the coalition say will send the groups to the fire laden pits of the devil’s playhouse where they “will burn in hell for this filth.”

In a statement from Focus on the Family they write that the lyrics are a slap in the face to Christians all over the world.

The song “Jesus Stag Night Club” is about a group of men who hire a Jesus Chris look-alike for a stag party and then realize later on that it’s the real Jesus returned to earth.

In the lyrics Jesus shows up with “bloody thorns around his years” and “holes in his hands” from his crucifixion.

For their part the band appears to really care less for what the Christian Coalition says, as member Steven Jones noted:

“Christians go to heaven, sinners go to hell. This is their message of peace,” while adding, “Oh, yes, and gays can eff off, too. It’s a beautiful world, Jesus.”

I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Jones, the Christian Coalition after all is the same group that also condemned the Harry Potter book series, Twilight and anything else that allows people to have a fanciful imagination about the world around them.