Lana Del Rey Coming Out With New Album For 2015?

Is Lana Del Rey gracing us with a new album for 2015? Now that the singer has two new songs out for Tim Burton's Big Eyes, it's said that this has started quite the spark in the recording studio for the songstress, which may leave room for an album as soon as 2015.

According to a sit down interview with Galore, Lana Del Rey shared the very early stages of her recording process for her third album. This is the follow up to her widely successful sophomore album Ultraviolence.

Of her plans she told the magazine:

"I just wrote two songs for Tim Burton and Harvey Weinstein's film called Big Eyes, and I'm working on a new record. I'm also always writing small pieces for independent films etc. Dan Heath and Rick Nowels are two of my dearest friends and producers and we are always up to something."

As for the Big Eyes soundtrack, Del Rey released two songs from the film which is slated to come out on December 25. The song "I Can Fly" will be featured in the credits of Big Eyes, while "Big Eyes" will be featured in the film.According to Vulture, the song "Big Eyes" will be eligible for an Academy Award nomination, which might make up for Lana Del Rey being left out of the ceremony last year for "Young and Beautiful," which was heavily featured in the promotion for The Great Gatsby.

Here's the title song from Lana. If her third album is anything like this song, then we bet fans will be happy with the final product.

Take a listen to "I Can Fly" below.

Of her writing process Lana said:

"When you have a true natural aesthetic, everything comes from the same place and feels the same way as it bubbles up. For me it's the timing of when I will be inspired that's unpredictable. The muse I guess you would call it. I could have a lucky run of a flawless string of melancholic melodies that come to me. Or I could wait for years and hear nothing. Of course I always write regardless- but that's different from being in the flow and effortlessly channeling rhymes and rhythms etc."

Fans are already excited about the prospects of a new album for 2015.

[Image via When The Gramophone Rings]