RIM forced to change name of upcoming OS to BlackBerry 10

Research in Motion just can’t seem to get anything right lately. They’ve been struggling with declining performance of their BlackBerry lineup and, in an attempt to address that, the company planned to launch a new OS dubbed “BBX”. As it happens, they may have forgotten to make sure “BBX” wasn’t already trademarked – because it was.

BASIS International sued the company and the two have been engaging in legal battles ever since, and now it looks like RIM has lost the battle. News got out on Tuesday that a US federal court ruled in favor of BASIS International’s existing trademark, meaning that RIM will have to rename their upcoming OS – and so they have!

The company announced at the BlackBerry DevCon Asia event on Tuesday that the new name for their new OS is “BlackBerry 10”. Despite letting the public know what the (probably) final name of the platform will be, RIM still hasn’t said just when, or in what devices, the new OS will launch.

At this point, the only thing known about the BlackBerry 10 platform is that it boasts the same resolution, 1024 x 600, for both BlackBerry 10 tablets and phones. Additionally, apps developed for the tablet will also work on BlackBerry 10 phones.

Source: BlackBerryDev Twitter (via CrackBerry)

[Image credit: Oliver Lang/AP Photo]