Smoke A Cigarette And Your Nipples Could Fall Off [Medical Advice]

Plastic surgeon Anthony Youn has an important message for smokers who plan to undergo a breast lift, if you smoke immediately following the procedure it can reduce blood flow to certain parts of your anatomy, causing your nipples to literally fall off.

According to Youn in his memoir “In Stitches” he had one patients who’s nipples turned purple shortly after the time of her surgery and he had to use desperate measures to save her nipples from being lost forever.

“We went medieval. We used leeches,” Youn writes. The leeches sucked out “old blood” that had been backed up in the woman’s nipples.

Youn now says that:

“In addition to the Surgeon General’s Warning that appears on cigarette packages,” there should be “a Plastic Surgeon’s Warning: If you are having a breast lift or reduction and you smoke, your nipples could turn black and fall off.”

According to Youn it is the carbon monoxide found in cigarette smoke that can slow blood flow to the nipples, while toxins from the cigarettes can act as a virtual tourniquet. As blood flow slows or stops to the healing part of the body it dies and must be removed or falls off.

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