Puppies Rescued From Glass Bridge In China

A group of puppies had to be rescued from China’s Shiniuzhai bridge, after they followed tourists across it and became frightened by a glass-floored section.

According to the Daily Mail, the group of dogs, which included several small puppies, became frightened while crossing a part of the bridge that features glass panels for a floor. A 10 meter section of the bridge was recently removed and replaced with the glass, a renovation that has made the suspension bridge a popular tourist attraction.

The glass floor proved to be too much for the smaller puppies, who had followed a group of sightseers on to the bridge. Security guard Xiong Yin, 35, noted that several of the dogs were too afraid to cross the transparent section.

“Some of the dogs did not seem to mind but the rest refused to step on the glass,” he noted. “There was a risk that the dogs that were all very small might fall, and so we decided to remove them.”

The glass floor proved to be too much for some of the dogs.
Security guards feared that some of the smaller puppies could slip through gaps in the bridge's railings.

He also observed that while animals usually avoid the bridge, the group of dogs had been inadvertently lured by tourists who were feeding them, and had followed them in hopes of being fed again later.

“They were very popular with tourists that had been posing for pictures with them. But it was dangerous,” he asserted.

As Metro notes, the security guards ushered the dogs off the bridge, afraid that they could possibly slip through an alarmingly large gap at the bottom of the fences which run along each side of the span.

The Shiniuzhai bridge is one of the most famous tourist spots in China’s Hunan province. Measuring 300 meters long and 180 meters high, it is also one of the world’s tallest footbridges. The 10 meter section of glass floor was only installed earlier this year, and there are plans to expand it to cover the full length of the bridge next year.

Recently, a stray dog in Ecuador was befriended by a Swedish adventure team competing in an endurance race through the jungle. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the friendly animal followed the team, endearing himself despite their repeated efforts to leave him behind. One of the team members rescued the dog, who now lives with them in Sweden.

It is unclear whether the puppies continued to follow the tourists after their rescue from China’s Shiniuzhai bridge.

[Images via the Daily Mail]