Elizabeth Taylor’s Auctioned Finery Tells Story of Actress’ Glamorous Life, Romances

Elizabeth Taylor was like totally the Kim Kardashian of her time.

Okay, I totally said that for the hateful comments. Taylor was a screen goddess, known for her many loves and her finery as well as for her appearances on the Silver Screen. The Hollywood legend was 79 when she died in March of congestive heart failure, and spent most of her life in the public eye. Taylor entered the world of film at nine and acted throughout her life, but her eight marriages also became one of the features that defined her narrative in pop culture.

Vestiges of the actress’ glamor and riches have gone to auction at Christie’s, and can be viewed online. Thomas W. Burstein of Christie’s made reference to Taylor’s lifelong and well-documented love of diamonds when commenting on one piece in the collection. (If you recall, one of Taylor’s fragrances was called “White Diamonds.”) Burstein said:

“She really had this notion that the jewelry should be shared and loved by everybody… This is such a rare piece. I compare it to the Hope diamond.”

ABC details some of the bits in the extensive collection, including tokens from lovers, husbands- and even dear friend Michael Jackson:

“(Through the collection) you can see that all the men were really, really fundamentally in love with her,” said Orianne Collins, a jewelry designer and Taylor aficionado who hosted a preview of the exhibition Thursday before it opens to the public on Saturday.

Other tokens from admirers include jewelry and an autographed poster from Taylor’s cherished friend, Michael Jackson. The 1987 print is signed “To my true love Elizabeth. I love you forever.”

The auction concludes on December 16th.