Barack And Michelle Obama Romance Film Is Coming

Are you ready to experience Barack and Michelle Obama's love story? Get ready because the film detailing their very first date is on its way. According to Deadline Hollywood, the production company Homegrown Pictures is behind the new film Southside with You.

Southside with You will tell the tale of Barack and Michelle Obama's first date, and how it all went down in Chicago. The date specifically took place on Chicago's South Side.

The film will go on to cover what happened when Michelle Robinson met Barack Obama, who at the time was an associate at a law firm called Sidley Austin, located in Chicago. Michelle was Barack's boss, even though she was younger than him. As the story goes, Michelle had to be convinced before she agreed to go out on a date with Barack.

Eventually, Michelle gave in and went out on a date with the strapping young associate, and the rest is history. People who are interested in seeing the romance film will get to check out the very beginnings of their story before they were ever President and First Lady.

So where did President Barack Obama take Michelle? It's believed the two went to Chicago's Art Institute and went to the movies to see Spike Lee's now classic film Do the Right Thing.

No word on who will step into the shoes of the president to play him as a younger man, or Michelle's for that matter.

This isn't the first time we've heard that a Barack Obama film was in the works, but this is the first to move forward in production.

People are reacting to the film news in a few ways.

A commenter on Entertainment Weekly weighed in on the value of a Barack Obama film.

"File this under who gives a damn? If they were going to do this movie, wouldn't it have been better to do it when he was at the highest level of popularity not when it is in decline? You know strike when the iron is hot."

Another pretty much echoed that comment.

"Unless they call it Lee Daniels' 'The Audacity of Dope' no one's gonna care. It's six years too late. Obama now makes Jimmy Carter look like George Washington."

What do you think?

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