Princess Beatrice: Has Sony Cyber Attack Compromised Royal Family?

Princess Beatrice may be among the victims of a cyber attack perpetrated against Sony Pictures by a hacker group thought to be aligned with North Korea.

According to the Daily Mail, Beatrice began an internship at Sony Pictures earlier this year, and was working at the London offices when the attack happened last Monday. During the assault, sensitive data about employees was stolen, including medical files, email exchanges, pay details and other private information.

Security officials are concerned that the attack may have unwittingly compromised the personal information of other members of the royal family who are in touch with the princess, the Mirror reports. Beatrice is close to her cousins William and Harry, as well as other senior royals, raising fears that their confidential information may be contained in correspondence with the princess.

Though Beatrice holds an HRH title, she does not receive taxpayer money and was previously employed by investment capital firm Cabot Square Capital, located near Marble Arch. Last summer, the princess quit that job before traveling the world with boyfriend Dave Clark. Spotted aboard the yacht of billionaire steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal in St. Barts, Beatrice also spent time in Aspen.

Since returning, the princess has worked for Sony Pictures Television at its London headquarters in Golden Square. The Times has reported that Beatrice remains employed by Sony Pictures.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the hacking incident began last Monday, taking almost all of Sony Pictures’ computers offline. Many of the terminals reportedly displayed an image of a skeleton, while hacker group Guardians of Peace threatened to release sensitive employee data. As many as 47,000 social security numbers belonging to employees past and present have reportedly been leaked, including those of director Judd Apatow and actors Rebel Wilson and Sylvester Stallone.

Royal author Phil Dampier observed that if it were revealed that Beatrice’s information had been hacked, concern would be a natural reaction among the royal family.

“When the royals have email accounts, Facebook profiles and Twitter accounts, as Beatrice does, they are in the same boat as the general public when it comes to being hacked,” he noted.

“A few years ago Beatrice had her car stolen and the royals are not immune to cyber attacks either.

“She is a thoroughly modern royal but the more social media she uses and computers in firms she works for then she is clearly as likely to be hacked as anyone else.”

A spokesman at Buckingham Palace declined to comment when asked if there was concern that Princess Beatrice’s personal information had been hacked.

[Image: REX via the Daily Mail]