World’s Oldest Dog, Pusuke, Passes Away at 182-Years-Old

Pusuke, a male cross breed, died peacefully on Monday afternoon in Japan at the age of 26, which is approximately the equivalent of 180 human years. Pusuke was recognized last December as the World’s Oldest Dog by the Guinness Book of World Records.

The International Business Times reports that Pusuke died at 26-years-and-nine-months-old, which would make him 182-years-old in human years.

According to WebMD, the general rule to convert dog years to human years it to multiply the dog’s age by seven. (This is a simplified equation, according to WebMD. To get the dog’s accurate age in human years you have to take breed and size into consideration.)

Pusuke’s owner, 42-year-old Yumiko Shinohara, said that her dog was fine during the weeks leading up to his death. On Monday morning, Pusuke lost his appetite and was having trouble breathing. Shinohara said that the world’s oldest dog passed away five minutes after she returned from running errands. Shinohara said:

“I think (Pusuke) waited for me to come home.”

The Guinness Book of World Records used vaccination records to verify that Pusuke was born in March 1985. The last dog to hold the world’s oldest dog title was a 28-year-old Beagle named Butch. Butch passed away in 2003.

The IBTimes reports that Pusuke was almost killed in a car crash in 2008. The dog underwent surgery and lived another three, or 21, years.

Does anyone have a dog who’s more than 100-years-old?