Child Star Andrew Keegan Starts His Own Religion

Chelsea Hoffman

Do you remember Andrew Keegan? The former child actor is in media headlines lately because he's embarked on a new project, and this one isn't going to be on the big screen. News OK reports that the actor has started his own religion -- a spiritual new age movement that he calls Full Circle -- and he already has a church set up right in the heart of Venice Beach, California.

The church building acquired by the 90s teen heartthrob was once a Hare Krishna temple and a Christian fundamentalist church, so there is no doubt that this building has a unique spiritual history all its own. Could that be why Keegan chose this particular church to serve as the headquarters for Full Circle?

The official Full Circle website describes Keegan's religion as a nondenominational and nonprofit community center. The clergy members are referred to as staff, and include a former property manager from Costa Rica, Michael Vincze of the band The Mowglis, Spiritual directer Ben Decker, and former child star Andrew Keegan himself.

Keegan refers to himself as a social alchemist and an activist, but back in the 1990s he was virtually every teen girl's fantasy dream date. His role in the hit movie 10 Things I Hate About You solidified his position in Hollywood as a teen heartthrob alongside the likes of Devon Sawa, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and Leonardo DiCaprio. However, like many young actors, his 15 minutes of fame was short-lived. His personal Twitter account has under 4,000 followers, but that may change given the fact that his name is trending news. He even acknowledged that in a recent tweet.

— Andrew Keegan (@keegan_drew) December 4, 2014

Are you interested in the Full Circle movement, or do you think this is more celebrity spiritual hogwash that won't last? 2Paragraphs published a post asking if this new religion is going to be the next Scientology -- which has always been a heavily celebrity-centric religion. The article points out that writers for Vice were given the grand tour of the Venice Beach church, where members of the so called inner circle talked about worshiping celebrity status and status symbols. Apparently a lot of celebrity names were dropped in the conversation, including mention of the late Heath Ledger, who co-starred with Andrew Keegan in 10 Things I Hate About You. Of course, no reports clarify on whether or not Ledger was interested in this movement prior to his death.