George Bush’s Brother To Run Against ‘Sister-In-Law’ For 2016 Presidential Race? [Video]

George Bush Jr. sat down and spoke with CNN‘s Candy Crowley in an exclusive interview. The question that sparked the most reaction was “Do you think your brother could run against your sister-in-law?” to which Bush replied “yeah.”

In the short video you see former president George Bush Jr. discussing his friendship with the Clintons. George Bush has referred to Bill Clinton on numerous occasions as his “brother from another mother.” Therefore, in the interview, Crowley askes “what does that make Hilary Clinton?” Bush revealed that he actually considers Hilary his “sister-in-law.” This sparked Crowley to ask the question “Do you think your brother could run against your sister-in-law?”

Bush was quick with his reply.

“Yeah, and I think he’d beat her.”

Crowley points out that Clinton could prove to be a formidable opponent for his brother and Bush Jr. agreed, but noted he thinks his brother is as well. When Crowley asked if Bush would “bet on it” referring to Jeb Bush beating Hilary Clinton in a presidential election, Bush said “Absolutely!”

Earlier this year, Bush also showed his brotherly love for Clinton by challenging him to the ALS ice bucket challenge on YouTube.

What do you think of the possibility of Jeb Bush running against Hilary Clinton in the 2016 presidential elections? Do you agree with George Bush Jr, or do you think Hilary would come out on top? Are you at all surprised that the Bush family has such close ties to the Clintons?