780,000 People Infected with AIDS Virus in China by End 2011

As the end of 2011 getting closer, China is expecting about 780,000 people infected with the AIDS virus, mostly due to heterosexual sex. The state media, citing a report from the Ministry of Health and the United Nations, said that there will be an estimated 48,000 HIV infections and 28,000 deaths in China this year.

Other than unprotected sex, the virus spread can attributed also to unsanitary blood plasma buying schemes and tainted transfusions in hospitals. The Ministry of Health also said that heterosexual sex in China has already overtaken drug abuse as main cause of virus transmission.

About 88,000 people have already died in China since 1985 when the first case was found in the country.

China’s government is also now taking a more active role in battling the spread of the virus.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said that the State Council will be rolling out a special medical aid next year in regions with high HIV/AIDS incidence that would hopefully ease heavy financial burdens encountered by patients caused by treatment. The Premier also said that some AIDS drugs will be included in the essential medicine system so that its prices can be regulated and covered by basic health insurance.