Dan Quayle to Endorse Mitt Romney

The GOP race has been progressively getting more competitive, with more twists and turns than a Danielle Steel novel.

With Herman Cain dropping out- not over his inability to speak coherently, but over a badly covered-up alleged affair that came hot on the heels of a sexual harassment suit claim- the field of serious candidates (ie, not Michele Bachman) has narrowed yet again. With Cain now out of the running, ostensibly for good, that leaves Jon Huntsman, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney as likely to win the 2012 Republican candidate nomination. (And Ron Paul, if you go by what actual Republicans and not Fox News would prefer.)

The lead up to the race is tight, but it seems Mittens is drawing more warm bodies than a lot of his fellow candidates, and you can add one more to the list- former Republican Vice President Dan Quayle. Quayle is expected to throw his support behind Romney at a press conference later today. Romney seems to be emerging as a clear front-runner, but his campaign isn’t without scandal. Today, in other Romney news, allegations that the former Massachusetts governor and his staff have colluded to surpress records- at a taxpayer cost of $100,000- are also getting louder. Mother Jones reports:

…some paper records from the Romney administration do remain in the state archives in Massachusetts, including emails and internal memos. Some of those documents formed the basis of a November Mother Jones story revealing how Romney and his administration prioritized hoovering up as much federal money as possible as they grappled with a $3 billion budget deficit—a message at odds with Romney’s current support for slashing federal spending and downsizing the federal government.

Do you think Mitt Romney is the best of a bad lot? Would you vote for him in 2012?