‘The Walking Dead’: Fans Petition To Bring Beth Back, Norman Reedus Talks Grabbing Emily Kinney’s Breast

Many fans of The Walking Dead were devastated when Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) lost his beloved Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) — they were hoping that Bethyl would brighten up the zombie apocalypse by living out a really rancid-smelling romance novel fantasy. But then, sadistic Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman had to go and dash their dreams by blowing poor Beth’s brains out.

A few Walking Dead fans are so unhappy about the brutal way Beth Greene was killed off that they’re trying to resurrect her from the dead. According to Moviepilot, one Beth fan has started a change.org petition begging The Walking Dead to rehire Emily Kinney.

The petition complains that Beth’s death was “disgusting” and “unsatisfying,” and that it “caused more anger and disappointment than shock and mourning.” The petition also listed a number of reasons why female viewers in particular should find Beth Greene’s demise disturbing.

“Beth was a symbol of hope that a lot of women could relate to and see themselves in (especially self-harmers who saw her as someone who overcame their suicidal/depressive feelings). By sloppily killing her it just shows that she was used to further a man’s (Daryl’s) storyline.”

Obviously, the fan who started the petition was not a Bethyl shipper.

It’s pretty impossible to imagine The Walking Dead bringing Beth Greene back — there’s no way she magically survived a gunshot to the head. However, Robert Kirkman could always try the old “it was all just a dream!” trick. Beth could wake up in her hospital bed safe and sound the day of the prisoner exchange, and it could go off without a hitch.

This scenario probably won’t play out because season 5 of The Walking Dead has already finished filming without Emily Kinney. However, Kinney is open to the idea of returning to the show. During a recent interview with Access Hollywood, she revealed that she would love to film a flashback scene if she was asked back.

“Yeah, it would just depend on my schedule, but of course I would. I mean, I love being on set, I love working. Of course I would. I love working.”

Emily Kinney also threw a little shade at Robert Kirkman and The Walking Dead writing staff by suggesting that the show doesn’t feature enough love, music, art or any of the other things that make the struggle to stay alive worth it. First, she offered her thoughts on why there are so many Bethyl and Caryl shippers.

“The show is so much about just surviving, and it’s like, ‘Why exactly are we surviving? What’s the point of life?’ and I feel like love and movies and music — I think those things make life worth living and make life fun, and so I think that’s why the audience keeps trying to figure this stuff out, because they’re like starved for it. They’re like, ‘Okay, they’re trying to stay alive, but why?'”

Kinney went on to say that she’d love to see Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier eventually fall in love on The Walking Dead.

“Any chance there can be kind of some scenes about love and falling in love, to me, sounds a little more fun than like the scenes where they’re slitting someone’s throat, and getting ready to eat them, [I mean], personally.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Robert Kirkman recently revealed a bit of news that should make the Caryl-shipping crowd very happy: Daryl Dixon isn’t gay. This doesn’t mean that Norman Reedus’ character will start singing Carol love songs or telling her that she completes him, but at least Caryl fans now know for sure that Daryl capable of being attracted to Carol.

Emily Kinney’s exit from The Walking Dead was heartbreaking, but she got a pretty cool consolation prize before she left the show — Norman Reedus grabbed her breast! How many fans would love for that to happen to them?

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Reedus talked about accidentally getting handsy with Kinney during her super-sad death scene.

“Everything had to hang. It wasn’t the most comfortable position to carry someone. You kind of have to be sobbing and hang as you carry her. It can’t be a heroic thing, it has to be a devastating thing. I think I grabbed her boob once by accident. After like, six takes and you’re walking really slow and sobbing, I thought maybe I would drop her at least once, but I didn’t.”

What do you think of Beth’s death on The Walking Dead?

[Image credit: AMC]