Colorado Woman Gives Birth To 14-Pound Baby — Mia Yasmin Garcia

Colorado mom Alisha Hernandez gave birth to a nearly 14-pound baby girl, shocking everyone in the delivery room. Mia Yasmin Garcia was delivered via caesarean section and is doing well. Doctors thought the southern Colorado woman was going to give birth to a typical 7-pound baby, but Mia Garcia came into the world a much larger bundle of joy that the midwives at the San Luis Valley Hospital had imagined possible.

Mia Garcia officially weighed in at 13-pounds and 13-ounces, and measured 22-inches long.

“They’re all shocked that they’re seeing a baby like that. Even in the San Luis Valley, they were like whoa! Thy opened their eyes like they’ve never seen a baby like that,” Francisco Garcia, the 13-pound baby’s dad, said.

The nurse who delivered the baby for Alisha Hernandez reportedly yelled in a shocked voice, “Come here! Come here! Check out this!” According to Francisco Garcia, all of the couple’s other children were born at normal weight. The Colorado dad said that the combined weight of their twins does not even equal the weight of Mia Yasmin.

mai yasmin garcia

Not long after she was born, Mia Garcia was flown to a hospital in Denver to be treated for breathing trouble and low glucose levels. Doctors report that the almost 14-pound baby is doing fine now, and hope that she can join her parents and four older sisters, Ximena, Yuliana, Yulissa, and Britney, at home next week.

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Last year, a Utah woman gave birth to a 14-pound baby boy which was labeled America’s biggest baby of 2013. Joel Brandon Jr. was also born via C-section at the Timpanogos Regional Hospital in Ore. The baby’s mother, Sara Brandon, reacted in much the same stunned way at Mia Garcia’s parents did upon the arrival of the newborn. J.J. Brandon was delivered at 38-and-a-half weeks, and previous ultrasound tests had indicated that he would be 11-pounds when welcomed into the world.

The largest baby in the world, at least since such record-keeping began, was a boy born to Anna Bates in Canada, in 1879. The baby by weighed in at 23-pounds and 12-ounces. Sadly, the newborn died 11 hours after his mother gave birth. In 2005, a 17-pound baby boy was delivered in Brazil. Admilton dos Santos was the fifth child for the Brazilian woman. His large size was believed to have been caused by gestational diabetes.

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[Image via: Children’s Hospital Colorado, Tia Brayma/Daily Mail]