'Street Fighter 5' Teaser Trailer Announces PS4, PC Exclusive [Video]

The first Street Fighter 5 teaser trailer has hit the internet, marking the latest installment in Capcom's long-running fighting game franchise. The game is expected to be a PS4 and PC exclusive.

That doesn't mean that Xbox One won't get a future update though. Back in the 16-bit era, Street Fighter II was released as an SNES exclusive, but successive releases ended up hitting the Sega Genesis anyway.

At first, the Street Fighter 5 trailer appears to be a documentary about creating a new game. The familiar font appears with the words "Press Start" as the video starts out, but it isn't clear yet what it's about as the narrator begins his speech.
"Passion. It's how we do what we do, to make something beautiful, to change the game. It's that drive that fuels us; The artist, the warrior, the visionary. It doesn't matter who you are, or what you look like, everybody can tap into it. We all speak that language. We know what it is to look up at an impossible challenge and push forward anyway. You go again, you fail faster, you fail better, you get stronger, you get smarter, and then one day it finally happens. Something breaks. You push past what you thought your limits were. That ceiling above you, it isn't real. It never was. And then you realize it's not that box you came in that made you: It's the moment you broke free of it."
The teaser then announces the game is exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PC, meaning that Xbox One owners may just need to wait for the next round to lace up the gloves and dragon punch their way to the top alongside their PlayStation 4 brothers. A year later, we'll probably see Street Fighter 5 Turbo Champion Edition or something of that nature for all current gen consoles.

Does the Street Fighter 5 trailer get you excited to take the fight around the world one more time?

[Image via Event Hubs]