Mom Caught Trying to Sell Baby for $7,000

A South Florida mom who says she and her children had been living on $650 a month is standing trial for trying to sell her baby for $7,000.

Prosecutors say Kenia Bosque’s attempt to sell her eight-month-old son was a sad indictment of the economic hardships many people currently face. Prosecutor Katherine Fernandez Rundle acknowledged:

“And it’s really a sign of the tragic times because the economy is so bad for so many people that it’s just unimaginable, unspeakable that a mother would think to sell their child.”

Bosque was reportedly living with her children in an apartment and was behind on her rent. The apartment manager says she was scheduled to move out this week, which likely triggered the attempted sale of her son.

Apartment manager Raul Cordarvo said:

“She was renting here for four months. The first two months she was fine and then she began having money problems.”

Police accuse Bosque of arranging to sell her son to a buyer from Monroe County. Said buyer was working undercover with authorities, however – when Bosque handed over her address to arrange pick-up of the child, police arrested her. Her neighbors are said to be in disbelief.

While Bosque sits in jail, her children are staying with family members. Sad, sad, sad.